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Zhongying Fund Pushing Green Energy Construction in Tianjin Binhai New District
Release time:2017-05-16

On the morning of May 15th, Chairman Sun Hongliang of Zhongying Fund and Chairman Mr. Pan Sutong of Fortune Heights Group visit to the Tianjin Binhai New District and hold a business meeting with Secretary Ni Xiangyu of Binhai New District High Tech Zone Committee and main leaders of the relevant departments.

Chairmen Sun introduces the basic situation of the Zhongying Fund, getting ready to the investment of Tianjin Binhai New District ground source heat pump project, expounds Zhongying Nuobao’s leading position in investment capital, technology and the industry, hoping to make a contribution with Tianjin in environmental protection and energy conservation, governance haze, the protection of the blue sky, and clean environment.

Secretary Ni welcomes Zhongying Fund to land in Tianjin, and expresses High Tech Zone of Binhai New District will give maximum support in tax, business registration, technology development and other aspects, the CMC departments at all levels will provide first-class service for the company.

In the afternoon, Chairman Sun meets with Zhang Yuzhuo, the Standing Cmmittee of Tianjin Municipal Committee and the Secretary of the Binhai New District, accompany with Yang Maoron, the Vice Secretary of District Committee and the District Mayor, Li Cailiang, the District Standing Committee Member and Secretary General of District Party Committee, Ni Xiangyu, Secretary of Binhai New District High Tech Zone Committee, Liang Xuanjian, the Chief of District Finance Bureau, and Jiang Fenggang, the Secretary General of the District Government and Office Administrator, etc.

Chairman Sun expresses the wishes to the Secretary Zhang and other leaders that Zhongying Fund lands in Tianjin, using the strong financial strength and technological power to invest in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection of Tianjin and introduces company's situation in detail. District Mayor Yang welcomes Mr. Sun's arrival and expresses that Binhai New District will provide first-class services. He thinks that the most important thing is to benefit the company and get its due return.

Finally, Secretary Zhang Yuzhuo says in his concluding speech that the Binhai New District is very interested in the advanced technology brought by Zhongying Fund and Binhai New District will fully support Zhongying Fund in the field of clean energy achievements, and hope that Zhongying Fund can give out the plan as soon as possible so that the project can get to start.

Chairman Sun’s visit to Tianjin Binhai New District with the hospitality and supports from leaders at all levels make a good foundation for Zhongying Fund’s entry to Tianjin Binhai New District. The company will seize the opportunity to make a quick develop planning to start the project in the year and to make contributions of green energy to the construction of Binhai New District.